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Staff Pet of the Month - Addy!

Name: Addy, beloved feline friend of Dr. Vance

What are her likes: All people (especially men), FOOD, laying on laps, chests or mom’s clothes, watching the birds/squirrels outside, scratching things I’m not supposed to, being outside on the patio 

What are her dislikes: When I don’t get some of my mom’s food, my harness, when you pet my belly 3 times instead of just 2, not getting to sleep in mom’s room, and other animals 

What is her favorite memory of her life so far: When I got to stay at my grandma and grandpa’s house for a month, and they work from home so I had people to hang out and cuddle with 24/7. I helped them get so much work done! They also live in a big house and they told me I could use all of it for myself, so I explored every nook and cranny. Oh, and also the day I love was adopted, that was pretty cool too :)


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