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Soft-Tissue Surgery

We provide a full suite of surgical services for your pet. We know that there can be uneasy feelings about your pet going under anesthesia but we take pride in the care that we provide and we tailor the latest in anesthetic monitoring, surgical techniques, and pain management to each patient. We strive to keep you and your pet comfortable and will address any specific concerns you may have. 

Pre-surgical bloodwork is required for all patients. Our routine pre-surgical bloodwork includes tests for anemia, kidney and liver disease, protein levels, and sugar levels. Laboratory abnormalities will be addressed before the procedure and other tests may be recommended. 

We offer nearly every surgery necessary for your pet and if needed we can have a board certified surgeon come to our clinic to perform services we don't offer.

Our surgical services include: 

We commonly recommend this for puppies and kittens once they're 6 months old. We also recommend this for any adult intact animal that is not being used for breeding or show purposes. 

Prophylactic Gastropexy

This elective procedure can be done at the time of neuter or spay. There are very few circumstances that we would recommend this surgery and we will gladly discuss this with you prior to surgery.

We offer this procedure for diagnostic and/or quality-of-life purposes.

Neuter or Spay

Lump Removal

Abdominal Exploratory (Laparotomy)

This procedure is offered for various reasons including: foreign body retrieval, mass removal (including splenectomy), or as a diagnostic procedure.

This instrument can be used for retrieving gastric (stomach) foreign bodies and it can also be used for diagnostic procedures.

eyelid surgery

We can correct cherry eye (prolapse of the nictitating membrane). We also can correct other eyelid abnormalities that cause severe irritation to the eye.

Other Surgeries

We also offer a variety of other soft-tissue procedures as needed for your pet.

Endoscopic Procedures

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