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End of life resources

How to tell it's time

Knowing when it's time to say goodbye to a dear companion is a highly individualized process. There are several tools available to help you determine when is the appropriate time. Click on any of the links below, and discuss questions with your veterinarian.

Assessing quality of life  //  Quality of Life Scale // Quality of Life assessment

Knowing when it's time to say goodbye

What to expect at an appointment here

You may choose to bring your pet here, or choose to use an in-home service.

If you bring your pet here, we make every effort to make the process as calm and peaceful as possible.

First we will escort you to our quiet comfort room. We will discuss cremation options and handle the administrative side of the appointment. Then our assistants will place an IV catheter to ensure your pet is comfortable and the process is smooth. Afterwards, you are welcome to spend as much time as you like with your pet, and take a clipping of their fur.

Other considerations for the day of procedure here

Home service resources


If you decide to have your pets end of life appointment at home, we recommend using one of the services listed below

MNPets  //  Lap of Love  //  Blue Sky

Grief support resources

Working through the grieving process is also highly individualized. There are several resources listed below to guide you though. Reach out if you have any questions

Grief support  //  Bereavement support  //  Talking to your kids about pet loss  //  Lap of Love Pet Loss support

Support groups:

Cremation options

There are a few cremation options available for your pet if euthanized here. Let us know if you have questions about any of them and we'll confirm your decision at your appointment 

Group - In communal cremation, pets are cremated together and cremains are not returned to the owner. The cremains are buried off-site.

Separated  - In separated cremation, the pets are separated in the retort by space (2-3 feet). The cremains are returned to Kenwood Pet Clinic and we'll call you when they arrive.

Individual - Only one pet is placed inside an individual compartment within the machine and cremated individually. The cremains are returned to Kenwood Pet Clinic and we'll call you when they arrive.

Urns and mementos

Choosing a special urn to memorialize your your pet can aid the grieving process. 

Click here or some urn options from our partner VHA, or check out Etsy for more personalized options.

You can also choose to share your pet's story online, click here for information

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