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Likes: Food

Dislikes: Nothing.

Favorite Memory: Daily plotting on how to get food.


Likes: Playing fetch and harassing Tiger.

Dislikes: Change.

Favorite Memory: Watching mom panic when I find a new hiding spot.

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Sully likes people, attention, treats, shoes, running zoomies and cat naps!

Sully dislikes the heat and sleeping in his crate.

When Sully grows up he would like to be a store greeter.   As he is always so happy to see people

  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

We are excited to announce Dr Sonja Gilje to join our practice here at Kenwood Pet Clinic starting on Monday, July 15th.

Dr. Sonja Gilje hails from northern North Dakota and earned her B.S. in Biology from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She then pursued veterinary school at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 2024. Dr. Gilje has a keen interest in surgery and ophthalmology.

She shares her home with her significant other and their two cats, Spooky and Wheezy. In her freetime she is usually staying active, particularly outdoors, and enjoys a variety of activities including hiking, skiing, and biking.

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