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Name: Orca, feline friend of Julia (veterinary assistant)!

Likes: When the fireplace gets turned on in the winter and I can spend the whole day lounging there, salmon flavored cat food, watching the squirrels outside and imagining hunting them for dinner

Dislikes: Travelling, getting my nails trimmed, belly rubs (it's only for looking at!)

Favorite Memory: When my mom found me as a stray in Hawaii and I could stop eating geckos for a living!

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Name: Zucchini, 7 months old (New Zealand Mix)

Likes: snuggling with and getting pets from her favorite people, her towel, her treat ball, naps in general, and the Christmas tree (from a safe distance)

Dislikes: the baby gate, the vacuum cleaner, being chased

Favorite memory: the time the 6 year old dumped all the treats out of the treat ball and onto the floor!

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Name: Torin, 14 years young

Likes: Being at the cabin and his best friend, Basil the tabby cat.

Dislikes: Encounters with porcupines and having his nails trimmed.

Torin’s favorite memories are taking care of people or pets who need his help or comfort.

One day our next door neighbor fell in her backyard and couldn’t get up. Neither her husband nor I heard her calling for help. But Torin did, and he kept barking until he saw that I was on my way to her yard to help!

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