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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

Name: Toby, a 9-year old Pomeranian!

Toby loves:


-The dog park

-Driving in the car.

Toby doesn’t like:

-Keys rattling close to him

-Being left alone

-Absolutely hates bikes.

"Toby is my baby and I’m here on a travel assignment from Ohio. If he wasn’t with me to keep me company, I probably would of went crazy. He’s got the sweetest personality even though he’s really feisty at times. He has a loving side." -From Toby's mom (featured in a few pictures below with Toby!)

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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

Names: Simon (right), an 11-week old domestic shorthair and Ollie (left), an 11-week old domestic longhair!

Simon and Ollie love:


-Sneak attacks on each other and ambushes pretty much 15 hours a day

-They also are obsessed with big brother Fritz and will always get as close as he will let them

Their one dislike:

-Is a closed door (bedroom door, dishwasher door, dryer door, etc). They always have to know what’s on the other side!

When they grow up they want to be professional cat calendar models or head out on the professional cat wrestling circuit :)

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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

Name: Eloise, a 18 year old Domestic Medium Hair!

Eloise loves




"Don’t really have a favorite memory (because they are all good), but our earliest is when we first met her. She was up for adoption at a pet store, we were there on errand for cats we already had - we were definitely not looking for a new kitten - when time stopped: she called out (her Adoption name was Meow Meow), our eyes met, and it literally was love at 1st sight. 18 years later, she is now our only cat but she has brother and sister doodles and an adoring family. Thanks for taking such good care of her all these years, Kenwood Pet Clinic!" -From Eloise's humans.

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