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Name: Duke Sky Flaten, a 13-week old Golden Retriever!

Duke loves:

Loves: playing with his sister, Kingsley - kisses from his parents- Running in the snow (with floppy ears) & playing fetch in the house - Denning under any table, couch & Xmas tree for naps

He likes:

Likes: Casual mornings at our feet - his hedgehog & large stuffed toys - Watching all the city walkers from our porch - his crate

He Dislikes

Dislikes: When his parents pick him up for bedtime - Sharing his toys/bones with his sister - Trying to get socks, shoes, toilet paper and cardboard out of his mouth (lol)

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Name: Hermione, a 13 year old Domestic Short Hair!

Hermione Likes:

-Glittery POM POMs

-Pools of sunshine to sleep in

-Laps with blankets on them

-Street sweeping trucks.

Her Dislikes:

-Neighborhood squirrels

-Smoke alarms, storms or really any other loud noise.

Hermione loves being near us. She follows us from room to room to take her naps in. She's very social, plays fetch, and gives headbutts when she wants pets. She doesn't like it when we are playing outside and she can't join us-- she's part of the group and let's us know it!

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Name: Poppy, a 17-week old Devon Rex Kitten!

Poppy loves:

-Snuggling with every person she meets (her brother Indy would call her a teacher's pet). However, her favorite snuggle buddy is Indy.


-Loud noises: the only time you'll see Poppy in a fright is when there is a loud noise, and normally that's because Indy has attempted a new long jump world record and didn't quite hit the mark...

Is already in training to be a chef. The second there is a new smell in the air, she must investigate and expand her pallet. We are thinking she will apply for culinary school in the coming months.

Name: Indy, an 18-week old Devon Rex Kitten!

Indy Likes:

-Loves heights

-New adventures.

-If something is crinkly, he will find a way to crunch it!

-Above all, he loves annoying his little sister, If she is comfy on the couch, he'll make sure to change that in a hurry.

When he grows up, he wants to own and operate a trampoline park. However, this trampoline house will have no water access, because that stuff scares the heck out of him.

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