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Senior Pet of the Month - Luna Mae!

Luna Mae's likes:

-flopping over for belly pets and brushes.

-rolling around with her catnip rainbow and catnip cigar or as mom calls them her "catnip babysitters" because they keep her busy

-snoozing in sunny spots

-watching birdies and squirrels from her almost 14 year old cat tree her mom got her on adoption day

-drinking from sink faucet water


-Wet food left in bowl for more than a couple hours. She demands the freshest of foods.

-Taking medication. She says you better believe I'll spit it out.

-mom cleaning my eye boogers

Luna Mae's favorite memory so far: getting picked by her human for adoption almost 14 years ago. It was eye kisses at first sight.

(Luna Mae as a kitten about 14 years ago!!)


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