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Senior Dog of the Month - Marcus!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Name: Marcus (13 years young)

Likes: Swimming in Spider Lake , especially behind the kayak. I love to dig big holes in smelly sandy soil along the lake shore then roll in the hole and cover myself with all the wonderful aromatic stuff I find in there. I love to play with my stuffed animals - in fact I still have my same toys from when I was a puppy! I love little kids and I have little pint size visitors who regularly come to our door. I also love an occasional Frosty Paw and a shared piece of steak. Dislikes: Taking pills, getting my teeth brushed, going to the doctor (no offense), but I understand that my doctors have helped me get better when I needed them. I also don't like it when other dogs start to get too loud and frisky with each other at the dog park because I think one of them may get hurt - I will begin to bark at them and become the policeman to try to break them up... the only time I ever bark... My favorite memory of my life so far: I can think of 2 at this time: Every winter when we return to Florida I reunite with Mischa, a crazy little red-headed Golden... when we saw each other it was like a firecracker of fun! We loved each other very much and would take up our playing and wrestling right where we left off 5 months previous... unfortunately Mischa has passed on.

Jumping off the dock into Spider Lake is right up there as one of my favorites - I would drop the tennis ball at my parents' feet as soon as we arrived at the cabin to tell them "I'm ready to go!"


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