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Exotic Pets of the month - Nimbus and Cirrus!

What are Nimbus and Cirrus's likes & dislikes?

Nimbus and Cirrus's favorite time of day is when they get their greens! Cirrus loves anything green but Nimbus prefers herbs, especially cilantro. They also enjoy training- at least they enjoy the treats they get from it! While Cirrus loves running around and exploring everything, she's not as cuddly as Nimbus who loves to flop out and get lots of pets. They both enjoy spending time together and keeping each other clean. They often just flop on top of each other!

What are their favorite memories of life so far?

I'm sure their biggest adventure was when they had to ride for 4 and a half hours to their new home, but I'm not sure the ride was their favorite memory. However, I'd hope that one of their favorite memories is seeing and exploring their new home! (And maybe spending time with me!) 


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