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Kitten of the Month - Wreckitt!

Name: Wreckitt, 5 months old

"Buon Giorno Everybody!

My name is Wreckitt! I'm just 4 months old and I'm a sweet, impish, little scamp, especially if you take your eyes off your plate! Yes, I love food, my mom, my Dog Wolfie and nose kisses—not necessarily in that order! I also love Mick and playing with my big brother Cat, Hank Chinaski, who is still getting used to me.

My hobbies are fetching and digging in potted plants, but I don't like squirt bottles or anybody bossing me around, that's for sure! When I grow up I hope to be a great jockey or a big circus cat! OK . . . time for a nap! Ciao!" --Wreckitt

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