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Name: Peggy, 5 months old!

Likes - Belly scratches, breakfast (kibble), playtime with her buddies, watching tv, naps, giving the side eye, and walks!

Dislikes - Her reflection, when dad leaves, being pet while napping (she'll move across the room!), and bikes!

Peggy wants to be the next Air Bud!!

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Name: Asha, 9 years young!

As far as Asha’s likes are concerned, they are mainly food related. She loves breakfast and dinner time! Treats are a definite highlight.

She also love going on walks with her brother Jules, as long as they aren’t too long. Most importantly, cuddles! Bed, couch, anywhere really!

Her dislikes include baths, rain, and water in general. She gets very stressed out when other dogs bark at her. She also hates being home alone.

Asha’s favorite life memory would be finding her forever home around 6 years ago.

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Name: Mr. Frisky, 12 years young

Mr. Frisky loves laying in the sunshine most of all. He loves that gravy food and he reminds us every morning as the sun rises that he needs more gravy food. Most importantly Mr. Frisky raised two separate rescue kittens Sky and Storm from little babies—they were fast friends their whole lives!

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