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Name: Bodega, 3 months old!

Likes: Climbing peoples legs, carrying around her toys, naps and sweet potatoes

Dislikes: Nail trimming and sometimes belly rubs Bodega wants to be a professional napper with attitude when she grows up!

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Name: Smuckers, 4.5 months old!

Likes: He likes pupperroni, pup cup lattes, and belly rubs

Dislikes: He dislikes being left alone, vacuums, and big dogs

He wants to be the head of security at the Calhoun condominiums when he grows up!

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Name: Charlotte, 14 years young!

Likes: hearing people talking. Nothing gets her attention more quickly (except food).

Dislikes: loud noises, especially my owner's singing.

Favorite memory of her life: getting to live in a house with humans who love her dearly

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