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Name: Wreckitt, 5 months old

"Buon Giorno Everybody!

My name is Wreckitt! I'm just 4 months old and I'm a sweet, impish, little scamp, especially if you take your eyes off your plate! Yes, I love food, my mom, my Dog Wolfie and nose kisses—not necessarily in that order! I also love Mick and playing with my big brother Cat, Hank Chinaski, who is still getting used to me.

My hobbies are fetching and digging in potted plants, but I don't like squirt bottles or anybody bossing me around, that's for sure! When I grow up I hope to be a great jockey or a big circus cat! OK . . . time for a nap! Ciao!" --Wreckitt

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Name: Herschel, 3 months old!

Likes: Toes, sweatshirt strings, carrots, cuddles and nap time.

Dislikes: ...well, so far nothing he dislikes except being told “no.” He listens, but he doesn’t like it!

What he wants to be when he grows up: He wavered between studying electrical engineering like his human brother and molecular biology like his human sister, then realized the studying would cut into his nap time and settled on being the greatest, most chill dog when he grows up, just like his big brother Riggins.

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Name: Louie, 15 years young!

Louie's Likes:

  • Sleeping on top of Mom's head

  • Hanging out in front of the screen door at the cabin watching birds and squirrels

  • Chasing a laser pointer

  • Pushing his food ball around to get the pellets out

Louie's Dislikes:

  • Being woken up from an afternoon nap

  • Having to wait for breakfast or dinner

Louie's favorite memory of his life so far has been going out to the cabin for the first time - all the birds and squirrels plus plenty of new places to sleep!

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