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Shiro's likes: Long walks, belly rubs, lounging in the snow and treats

Dislikes: Having her paws touched

Her favorite memory is meeting me and coming to her forever home 11 years ago

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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

Her name is Mokona (Moe-Kuh-nuh) but I call her Moki most the time

She looooves raisins, bananas, sunshine, exploring, and running laps around the living room!

She hates medicine, the sound of keys jingling, and strangers

Her favorite memory of her life so far is the day we moved into my new apartment last September! She has way more room than she ever has and loves running and binkying around the living room.  Her binkies were astronomical the first day we moved in

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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

Watson likes meeting new people, sitting in boxes, and drinking water from the faucet. 

He dislikes jumping, car rides, and having dirty toes. 

One of his favorite memories is when he caught a vole and proudly presented it to his human. 

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