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Playing in the rain

Peanut butter filled kongs

Digging holes in the yard



Waiting for treats

When mom & dad say no

Being too hot

When I grow up I want to be a professional treat tester!

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1. Luka loves to chase his toys around his apartment and play hide and seek with his parents. He also LOVES to eat and will devour his meals in one sitting. He likes to look out windows and take in the scenery. He is especially interested in the local squirrels and falling snow.

Luka did not like our ceiling fans when he first moved in, but he has since grown to like them and is especially intrigued by the dangly chains. He likes most things but his least favorite time is whenever he isn't eating. 

2. Luka wants to be a professional mountain climber when he grows up as he is always trying to reach the highest point he can which puts his parents on edge! 

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Conways likes: homemade banana, carrot, pellet treats, romaine lettuce, his Maze Haven

Conways dislikes: leaving his house/going outside

Conways favorite memory: when his parents moved in together and he now gets to see his dad(favorite human) every day

You can follow Conway's adventures on @conwaylioneltwitty

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