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Name: Victoria, 16 years young

Likes: Tummy scratches, her buddy Sunny, and VERY fresh water

Dislikes: Outside, interrupted naps, and her medicine

After a long life (almost 16 years) with her forever person, Victoria's forever person passed away. After time in foster care, she found her way to her current family's coterie of elder animals. After a rocky start, all 3 (Victoria, Sunny the cat, and Harriet the Westie) teamed up to chase away a mouse that got into the house and they've all been buddies ever since!

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Name: Jasper, 3 months old

Likes: Treat time, wrestling with toys, long walks in nature, cuddling when sleepy, and frolicking in bodies of water. He also still enjoys nipping the occasional pant leg and leather shoes. Other current favorite activities include gnawing on anything and yes, chasing his tail. 

Dislikes: Loud sounds.

When he grows up, Jasper wants to be a confident, social, well mannered and active dog. He’s hoping for lots of frisbee games in his future. His family couldn’t love him more!!

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Name: Ms. Peppermint Patty, 3 months old

Likes: Going for walks in her pink kitty stroller, watching basketball with her dad, and meeting new human friends!

Dislikes: Having to wait for her Fancy Feast in the morning, and being moved out of her comfortable sleeping position.

When Ms. Peppermint Patty grows up, she dreams of being a food critic. She loves all types of people food, especially Jimmy Johns sandwiches!

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