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Meet Norman and Eugene -

Their likes: snuggling together, bird watching, ear and chin scritches, Eugene loves treats, Norman loves cleaning Eugene's ears. They also enjoy cuddling with their humans on cold days!

Dislikes: the doorbell, being in the car/pet carrier, fireworks, and the squirrels that taunt them from the front porch

Their favorite memory so far is moving into their new house when their owner and her partner moved in together and becoming a blended cat family with their pal Cosmo!

All three cats have an Instagram page - you can find them at the_cat_husbands

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Meet Byrdie the Corgi -

What are Byrdie's likes & dislikes?

Byrdie loves to snuggle and also loves to play.

What does she want to be when she grows up?

Byrdie wants to be a dog treat critic when she grows.

Her Instagram is @byrdiethecorgi

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Meet Pretzel -

Likes: Cuddling, Dark spaces, All Veggies

Dislikes: Early mornings, Fruit, Baths with Mom(Swims with Dad)

His Favorite Memory:

Favorite memory would have to be the walk for animals. We went to walk in honor of his cat brother that transition earlier this year due to kitty cancer. It was a gloomy day so I did not think Pret would be up for it but he had a good time, sat up in his stroller and greeted the people that wanted to see him. This was his first outside family outing and let just say he was the main attraction.

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