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Update From Kenwood Pet Clinic

We continue to see an unprecedented demand for veterinary services. A combination of 18 months of COVID-related delays in elective surgeries and preventative services for our pets and a large-uptick in new pet adoptions have strained veterinary clinics across the region. Specifically at our clinic, we’ve recently lost 3 Veterinary Assistants to veterinary school, which has also affected our appointment availability. We are actively hiring and training new staff, but even prior to COVID there has been a significant shortage of people looking to work in the veterinary industry; the pandemic has greatly exacerbated that problem. Read more about that here

At Kenwood Pet Clinic, we’ve adjusted by limiting appointments to existing clients only; but even still we are booking out routine exams 4-5 weeks.

When calling us about your pet, please understand that getting an exam, or reaching a doctor, has changed since the COVID pandemic. Ways you can help us help you:

1. Be patient and kind with our staff. It is not for lack of empathy or compassion that we may not be able to see your pet on an urgent basis. We have limited space, time and staff resources. When we hit that limit we can’t just simply “add on another appointment”. We will always advocate for the best care for your pet, and sometimes that care may be at an emergency or urgent care facility.

* Yelling or swearing at clinic staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. *

2. If you have an urgent medical concern that you feel needs a visit same-day: Call us first thing in the morning (8:30 AM) - this allows us more ability to try get your pet into the clinic for an urgent appointment; or time to help you coordinate other options.

3. Plan on booking your routine exams and rechecks several weeks or a month out. If you have received a reminder that your pet is coming due for an Annual Exam, schedule as soon as you receive notice. We cannot fit-in a last minute exam to get vaccinations boostered.

4. The Petdesk app can help avoid a phone call into the clinic - you can: a) check on your pet's vaccine status and email records to a boarding facility; b) request medication refills and Annual Exam appointments.

5. Give us more than 24 hours notice when needing to refill food or medications.

We are very appreciative of your loyalty, patience and understanding as we continue to work through this pandemic - we are actively working hard to meet the increased demand for veterinary care.


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1 Comment

Jan 08, 2022

I have written two reviews today but neither showed up.

I love Kenwood Pet Clinic. All of you are so skilled and empathetic. I feel so lucky to have the care of Willow and Denali in your hands. Thanks.

Bev Ramolae

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