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Staff Pets of the Month - Hamilton & Coral!

Names of Dr. Vail's Canine Kids:

Hamilton (Hammy), 14 months old

Coral, 3.5 months old

About both:

Coral and Hamilton are great buddies. They check in with each other, steal each other's toys (as siblings do), and zoom around playing together.


Coral is the sweetest and smartest little lady. We are so happy to have her as part of our family!

-What are Coral's likes? Coral absolutely loves FOOD (all food, even things that aren't food), being helpful, following mom and dad around in the kitchen, playing outside, and chewing on sticks in the backyard. -What are her dislikes? Coral is a pretty happy girl about all life brings her - she even wags her tail when she drinks water! - but she is not a fan of the 10 second wait between hearing her food container open and actually getting her food. -What is her favorite memory of her life so far? Going for her first drive-thru trip & trying whipped cream!


-Likes: Being outside, going for car rides & getting pup cups/treats, playing with other dogs and people, chasing squirrels/bunnies/birds, napping, chewing on sticks, and peanut butter.

-Dislikes: Having to come inside from playing and adventures in the yard.

-Favorite memory: Hamilton's favorite times are when he gets to go for off-leash walks and swims!

Hamilton is our first fur-baby and has been such a great big fur-brother to Coral. We love our "pandemic puppy!"


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