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Staff Pets of the Month - Gene and Cassie!

Names: Gene and Cassie, beloved kitties of assistant Sarah


Gene: I. Love. Grass. No one loves anything as much as I love to eat grass. I also like 'found' water so never leave a glass out when I'm around because I will stick my entire head into it to get the last drops.

Cassie: Mom's shoes when she gets home from work - I like to passionately rub my face and body all over them for many minutes. I also lick hair. Deal with it.


Gene: My carrier so I poop in it. Then I dislike my poop and I cry about it.

Cassie: When our baby sis Darla (past Kitten of the Month) doesn't want me to groom her. I could clean her for hours but sometimes she won't let me so I slap her.

Favorite memories of our lives so far:

Gene: The first time I went outside on a leash and there was grass stretching out in every direction. Pure bliss!

Cassie: When my hair-licking video got played to a stadium full of people at the Cat Video Festival! For a minute I was the star of CHS Field.


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