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Staff Pet of the Month - Molly!

Name: Molly, dog of our veterinary assistant, Kyle!

Likes: Big naps, sunbathing when the light hits the window right, taking up far too much space on the couch for her size, carrot chips, and barking at the thin air (old age or sixth sense? who's to say)

Dislikes: Repositioning her while she's napping on you, when it's past her bedtime but nobody's in their bed yet for her to snuggle with, the deck stairs (small legs + big steps = too many tumbles), and not being able to patrol the front door since she's a ferocious 9-lb guard dog

Her favorite memory in life was when she won the dog show at the county fair when she was a puppy for showing off all her super cute tricks! (She's got a ribbon to prove it!)


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