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Staff Pet of the Month - Mittens Prochaska!

Name: Mittens, beloved cat of Dr. Prochaska

Likes: My family, especially Annalynne, my mom. I love to lay on my family's chests and get a thorough face, chin and body massage, especially in the morning. In fact I demand it!  I always want to be around them, following them around the house.  I absolutely love my naps, especially when my family covers me up with a blanket.

Dislikes: I don't really dislike anything but I want to be loved on my terms.  I prefer to initiate the cuddling and not be forced to cuddle on my family's terms.

My favorite memory of my life so far: Being adopted by Annalynne as I was recovering from a pronounced cold.  I loved being placed in a bed and covered up head to toe with a warm blanket and finally having a forever home!


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