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Senior Pets of the Month - Matty and Sweetie

Names: Matty and Sweetie (these ladies are 12 and 11 years young!)

Likes Matty: "I like pets, naps, full body cuddles, bones, tug toys, curling up on dining room chairs, sweet potatoes and squash and pretty much every other vegetable dogs can eat. Except round ones (like blueberries), which are not proven to contain food until squished. I would prefer to be in physical contact with my humans at all times." Sweetie: "I like FETCH, pets, following my humans around attentively, "helping" on house projects, being super happy, jumping really high whenever excited (I don't know I’m a senior dog)."

Dislikes Matty: "I dislike change, scary things, other dogs, squirrels, suitcases, deciding whether to move or not." Sweetie: "I dislike when both my humans work from the office at the same time and leave me alone (most impressive sad dog face ever). When the humans are on different floors of the house and I have to sit in the middle of the stairs to make it even. Squirrels. When my human tries to throw a different ball than the one that we started with (unacceptable)."

My favorite memory of my life so far Matty: "My most recent meal and cuddle." Sweetie: "Hiking/camping a few sections of the Superior Hiking trail."


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