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Senior Pets of the Month - Finn & Surly!

Our senior pets of the month are the housemates Finn (left) & Surly (right)!

Finn (12 years young ):

Finn’s likes: sleeping, barking along the fence when any other dog walks by and making sure his fur stands nice and tall, sleeping, swimming, getting his way and being the CEO of our lives.

Finn dislikes: the vet (sorry ), nail trims, thunder storms/fireworks , his food if it’s not prepared exactly how he likes it, cold weather and being ignored.

Favorite memory of Finn’s: playing fetch in any body of water.


Surly (10 years young):

Surly’s likes: FOOD, fetch, following her people around, TREATS, hunting, SNACKS, getting in the way, sitting underfoot, licking, MEALS and wagging her tail

Surly’s dislikes: Not getting food on time, otherwise she is as content as can be. Oh and vegetables.

Surly’s favorite memory: Hunting with her grandpa and fetching duck from thick, cold waters. Also getting impaled by a log while hunting and continuing to hunt afterwards because nothing stops her.


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