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Senior Dog of the Month - Zeus!

Name: Zeus (18 years young!)

Likes: Humans saying, “Want a treat?”.  Ear rubs, hair brushed and combed.  Car rides.  Sniffing snowflakes as they are falling.  Sitting on couch, watching the activity on the street sidewalk.  Off-leash bark parks.  Playing with Uncle Kevin (human).

Dislikes: Thunder, firecrackers, and “no more human food”!

My favorite memory of my life so far: While in Missouri we fostered other dogs and I got to be big brother.  Once I rode in a 26-foot moving truck from Missouri to Minnesota and I got to sit between two humans who stopped the truck lots so I could check out all the new smells.  

I also once visited a ranch in Missouri for a month where I got to chase cows with Bella (canine relative who lived there) and run anywhere I wanted!


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