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Senior Dog of the Month - Snoopy!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Name: Snoopy (14 years young)

Likes: Stuffed toys, food, being petted, food, making a pile of stuffed toys on a human who is sleeping, food, and going for extremely slow walks around the block. Dislikes: Getting old, when no one is petting me, being unable to steal stuff off the counter like when I was a kid, sleeping upstairs because stairs, and having my toe nails clipped.

My favorite memory of my life so far: When my "granddad" comes to stay with me, the “grandog”, he is a sucker and pets me 97% of the time.  I also really loved dog training classes because after class we would go to Culvers and I developed an unending excitement over drive through windows.  I liked hiking in Niagra Falls, Canada as well, which is when I switched to Wild Game Bird food (import and export restrictions on beef and lamb between US and Canada).


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