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Senior Dog of the Month - Bubbles!

Name: Bubbles (12 years young)

Likes: Here I am with my favorite toy! I love to go for slow walks, commonly referred to as "a poke and a sniff." In the morning I love to get up and roll around outside on the grass and give my back a good scratch, like my dad does around my ears...I do love little chewy treats, the big dental chews and once in awhile a small piece of I’m running short on teeth.

Dislikes: My least favorite things to do are getting my paws wiped after a muddy walk and visiting the vet, even though they are so nice to me!!   

I have so many good memories of my life so far, but the best is probably the day I was adopted from Secondhand Hounds into my new home and a loving family. Now, I'm a neighborhood pet who everyone loves to say hi to and we bring each other a good deal of joy! 


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