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Senior Cat of the Month - Vyvyan!

Name: Vyvyan, 14 years young

What are Vyvyan's likes?

Vyvan likes to lounge around the house, especially in his dad's armpit! In the summer he LOVES getting his hair cut like a lion. He struts all around the house showing off how pretty he looks to his brother Chester.

Vyvyan also actually enjoys meeting new animals. He will run right up to any new animal and say "whats up?"

What are his dislikes?

There is not much that Vyvan dislikes. He is a pretty easy going cat. He for sure does not like having to take his medicine!!

Although this year has been a hard one for all, especially Vyvyan. He lost his other brother Spaulding this summer. It was a hard loss as all three of the boys had done everything together since they were born.

What is his favorite memory of his life so far?

Vyvyan has had a pretty great life so far, that's a hard one to answer. Most recently, his dad built him some stairs so that he could more easily get up in to the bed which he is very fond of.


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