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Senior Cat of the Month - Butterscotch!

Name: Butterscotch (16 years young)

Likes: Cozy, warm places, sitting on an available lap, and eating. Sometimes I'll get distracted and wander away from my bowl so given my “senior” status, they bring the bowl to me!

Dislikes: Change or getting hauled in the car to a checkup. However, soon after arrival, I love the attention heaped upon me by the able and caring staff at the Kenwood Pet Clinic.

My favorite memory of my life so far: I was adopted at the Humane Society 16 years ago. I was “on sale” as I’d been treated and cleared of ear mites. As a kitten, I would crawl up on the back of the couch in order to curl myself like a boa around the neck of any available human!


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