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Puppies of the Month - Nairobi and Louie!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Names: Nairobi Poppy and Louie Bexar (11 weeks)

Nairobi's Likes: Stealing big brother Captain's & twin brother Louie's, toys & bones especially when I have my own; de-gardening: - chewing on branches, mulch, pinecones, leaves, grass...; protein hunting - cicada munching; long walks filled with much admiration from fellow walkers; car rides - they help me sleep; bossing my brothers around; climbing; snuggling my big brother Captain; and whittling - wood furniture is great for that!

Nairobi's Dislikes: Waiting for my meals - bad service at restaurants a la home; commercial vehicles - those garbage trucks and lawn mowing guys; sleeping in- dawn? nope. Let's go for 5 AM wake up calls; cat sisters (but I love their food)

When I grow up I want to be: Management aka The boss

Louie's Likes: Jazz music, hide & seek, DIY obstacle courses, keep away, story time, wrestling my siste, climbing & running, and whittling with Nairobi - chair legs are so tasty!

Louie's Dislikes: Containment, waiting for my meals, walks - unless big bro Captain is present, stairs - unless food is involved 

When I grow up I want to be: WWE wrestler and my wrestling name would be "Louie 'the Bear' Martin"!


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