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Kittens of the Month- Poppy and Indy!

Name: Poppy, a 17-week old Devon Rex Kitten!

Poppy loves:

-Snuggling with every person she meets (her brother Indy would call her a teacher's pet). However, her favorite snuggle buddy is Indy.


-Loud noises: the only time you'll see Poppy in a fright is when there is a loud noise, and normally that's because Indy has attempted a new long jump world record and didn't quite hit the mark...

Is already in training to be a chef. The second there is a new smell in the air, she must investigate and expand her pallet. We are thinking she will apply for culinary school in the coming months.

Name: Indy, an 18-week old Devon Rex Kitten!

Indy Likes:

-Loves heights

-New adventures.

-If something is crinkly, he will find a way to crunch it!

-Above all, he loves annoying his little sister, If she is comfy on the couch, he'll make sure to change that in a hurry.

When he grows up, he wants to own and operate a trampoline park. However, this trampoline house will have no water access, because that stuff scares the heck out of him.


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