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Exotic Pets of the Month - Nina & Lucy!

Names: Lucy (Left) and Nina (Right), American Guinea Pigs!

Nina and Lucy love to eat, and we are greeted by a loud chorus of wheeking every morning until they get their pellets. Radicchio and bell peppers are some of their favorite vegetables. They are starting to like being held for lap time and letting us pet them, especially if they are being bribed with a few pea flakes. They are not huge fans of arugula or being brushed. As the baby, Lucy doesn't appreciate her mom, Nina, pushing her out of the way for first dibs at veggie time, but since she is getting bigger, she is starting to hold her own.

A favorite memory would be the first time they tried pea flakes. They were super shy around us, since we were still getting to know each other. After the first few pea flakes, they realized we weren't too bad and decided they would keep us.


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