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Exotic Pet of the Month - Ice Cream

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Name: Ice Cream (3-year-old cockatiel)

Likes: I LOVE Cheerios! Also perching on Zack’s shoulder. My favorite place to hang out is on the stairway cable railings and I love to peck at bell toys in my cage. I want to be with my family (out of my cage)  whenever they are home! Dislikes: I strongly dislike it when they cover my cage at bedtime with a towel. They do this to keep the draft out during the night but I squawk at them every time. I also dislike my “travel cage”.

My favorite memories of my life so far: When Zachary first met me we bonded instantly. They love it when I hear the garage door and am chirping to greet them when they get home. Also I was blessed by the school chaplain....what a memory!!


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