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Exotic Pet of the month - Doug!

What are Doug's likes & dislikes?

Doug loves sunflower seeds, doing matrix-grade flying maneuvers, and her husbird, Riptide. She dislikes being "caught", but will consent to neck scratches if she's trapped in a human cuddle. 

What is her favorite memory of her life so far?

Doug is an approximately 5 month old white pigeon, likely released during a wedding or funeral, who sought shelter in an open garage during the late October snowstorm. Unable to find her way back to her loft, she came to live as an indoor bird with her soon-to-be mate, Riptide, a retired racing bird who was found injured and also unable to make his way back home. Four months later, Doug, aka "Baby Doug" announced her gender when she laid two opalescent eggs in a basket. Doug and Riptide spend their days cooing, dancing, preening, and nesting with each other. 

Instagram: @riptide_n_babydoug


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