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Exotic Pet of the Month - Rory

Rory LOVES food! (veggies, fruits, treats, anything really.) Rory is incredibly curious and absolutely loves making messes and getting into trouble (; Her favorite spot to dig is the bed and her foraging box. When she gets the zoomies, you better step out of the way, because she will literally not stop for anything or anyone.

Rory does NOT like being told what to do and she does NOT like parsley.

Our favorite memory of Rory so far is the first time she laid down on our living room floor. She sprawled out all four of her legs with a BIG stretch and released, quite possibly, the cutest yawn known to man. Also, everytime she has a “binky,” you can’t help but smile out of pure astonishment as to how one small little creature could be so cute and spunky. We knew from these moments that she was going to be pretty darn comfy living with us. (:


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