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Name: Leo, 11 years young!

Leo loves the winter; the colder the better. He enjoys patio dining at The Howe where he always orders the Muttloaf. Leo likes his neighbors Billy, Seamus, Zoe and Ruby; but watch out Pinkerton. He dislikes all mail carriers but especially ours, who finally retired. Leo loves to accompany his owner in the car and does not like staying home with the cat. And he let's his owner know it every single time I walk in the door!

His fondest memories when he and his dad had competed in skijoring races over the years!

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Name: Stella, 5 months old!

Stella is particularly special because she was very much at risk of dying when she was rescued directly from a sweet-hearted, recluse musician in rural Wisconsin who loves cats. She had a terrible hernia and a broken tail from an accident. She has settled in perfectly with her new sister, Frida, and her brother, Moe!

Stella loves to play with Frida and any toy that has a string attached to it. She loves snuggling with both of them.

Stella doesn't like authority, and can even still be a little skittish sometimes with her family.

Her theme song is "I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor) and her "name" song, by happy coincidence, is "Come On, Stella" by Mountain Man.

"We aren't pressuring her about what she wants to be when she grows up just yet, and she hasn't mentioned anything--she's too busy tumbling around the house."

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Name: Copper, 15 weeks old!

Copper loves to go on walks, play frisbee, meet and play with any puppy or dog and loves eating her dad’s slippers.

Copper does NOT like loud noises, going outside in the rain, or walking in the mud, water or snow. (She prefers the dry sidewalks.)

When Copper grows up she wants to be a service dog. She is very excited to be able to visit the kids at Children’s hospital and residents at the nursing home. She is really looking forward to being able to meet, greet and just hang out with all these new friends.

She is also looking forward to being able to go to “Copper Mountain” someday. The ski area she was named after.

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