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Name: Max, 5 month-old Cocker Spaniel

Likes: Max loves to play in the backyard, run around with Lucky our neighbor dog, cuddle in your lap, and go for walks. He loves all the new friends he’s making in the neighborhood since joining us a month ago—people and other dogs.

Dislikes: Max doesn’t like noisy garbage day, being told “no,” the trouble he gets in when he chases squirrels and rabbits through the flower garden, or being too short to see out the windows or over the fence.

When Max grows up, he’s leaning towards wanting to be Junior Copywriter so he can head to Diane’s dog-friendly office a couple days a week.

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Name: Chewie, 4 month-old Ragdoll!

Chewie likes:

Making biscuits

Eating from his brother Hank's dish


He dislikes:


Being left out

When he grows up, Chewie wants to be bigger than his brother, Hank.

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Name: Prunard (Prunes) McCroons, 1.5 year-old skinny pig!

Prunes likes peppers, he screams upstairs when He hears us open the pepper container downstairs. I'm pretty sure he just listens for them all day. He also likes to yell at his parents and thinks he runs the house.

He does not like waiting for peppers. He also isn't a huge fan of getting his dry skin all greased up.

His biggest memory might be his first birthday party. He had a little hat, cupcakes, and tacos!

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