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Name: Schuyler (Named after the Schuyler sisters in Hamilton)

Likes: Looking out the window, playing with her friends Mango and Coconut, and exploring.

Dislikes: Not being with her friend Mango, new people or birds, and baths.

When Schuyler grows up she would like to be an explorer of the unknown (aka the house) :)

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Names: Bullet (Left) and Bobby (Right), precious pooches of Dr. MacKinnon


Bobby: Car rides, being the fun uncle to foster puppies, chasing the squirrels in the backyard, and learning to sniff out scents in "sniffy class" (aka Nose Knows though AHS) 

Bullet: CARROTS, being the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, diligently patrolling the kitchen for crumbs, and naps on anything soft/squishy


Bobby: The vacuum and not catching those squirrels! 

Bullet: When Dr. MacKinnon runs out of carrots and when the snow is too deep :(

Grow-up goals: 

Bobby: The fastest dog of all time and the best sniffer this side of the Mississippi 

Bullet: Professional napper....I've been training my whole life for this.  

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Name: Willow, 12 years young

Likes: Meeting new people and greeting people she knows with Shiba joyful noises, going to the dog park, sunning herself in the summertime, and, of course, belly scratches.

Dislikes: Getting wet (she refuses to go out in the rain and won’t go near anyone splashing in a lake/river), being touched with someone’s foot (she runs away if someone’s foot is too close to where she is sitting), and wearing clothing (she will sit perfectly still and refuse to move at all in clothes).

Willow's favorite memory is the time she caught a chicken that had hopped the fence and trespassed in her yard. She was so proud of protecting her territory and didn’t know why her mom was freaking out about her hunting the neighbor’s chicken.

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