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Name: Greta, 4 month old Domestic Medium Hair!

Greta Likes:

Fresh raspberries (in moderation)

Meeting new people

Sleeping on the keyboard when her dad is trying to work

Her worm toy

She Dislikes:

The smoothie maker

The squirrels that live on the balcony (they are bitter rivals)

Her own reflection (also bitter rivals)

When she grows up, she wants to travel the world telling all the other cats how yummy raspberries are!

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Name: Macaroni, 2 year-old Mini Lop!

Macaroni likes: treats (some of his favorites are papaya bites and yogurt bites)

He dislikes: being held (much to his mom’s dismay)

His favorite memory is probably when I brought him home for the first time and he got to see his new “mansion” (hutch) for the first time.

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Name: Mr. Bear, 17 year-old Devon Rex

His likes:

being outside in the summer

time with Dwight and Izzy, his "cousins", who are also Devon Rexes

watching chipmunks

breakfast in bed

sitting on heating vents in the winter

sleeping on laps

fleece blankets

snuggling with visitors

His dislikes:

being cold


bumpy car rides

an empty food dish

Favorite memory of his life so far:

Hanging out with his cousin, Dwight.

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