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Sabina likes food, food, and food. She likes to sleep on my neck and she likes to chew on the shoelaces of anyone that comes over.   She wants to be a chef when she grows up so she has access to food!


Shlomo likes to stretch, to watch birds, and to chase Sabina. He likes to get into trouble. 

You can follow Sabina and Shlomo's adventures on instagram:


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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic

-Knots likes warm baths, burrowing and bring worn as jewelry!

-Knots dislikes frozen dinners, having his face touched and sudden movements. 

-Knots' favorite memory is getting to climb all over the colorful Easter eggs that we decorated!

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  • Kenwood Pet Clinic


rolling in the grass in the morning, ducks, freshly cut cucumber, meeting new people, snow, swimming in the lake, carrots, car rides, Kong, stuffed toys, tennis balls with squeakers, belly rubs, walks, doggy pool on summer days, all my friends at Kenwood Pet Clinic! 


Flies, boats, haircuts, hot days, geese, fireworks, thunder

Favorite memory so far:

Swimming in the lake for the first time! 

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