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Kittens of the Month - Azura & Dibella!

Names: Azura (white face) & Dibella (black "winged eyeliner"), 4.5 months old!


  • Azura: playing fetch, water (from faucets, bowls, Dad’s drinking glass, stray droplets on the floor, and off her paw after dunking it in any of the above), and trying to touch her older sister’s tail (Loki, 12 years)

  • Dibella: her white mouse toy, blanket forts, and climbing everything (particularly the shower curtain)


  • Azura: soda bubbles, being told “no"

  • Dibella: kisses on her head when she’s not snuggly, being told “no"

What they want to be when they grow up:

  • Azura: a fish or a ballgirl (like in a tennis match)

  • Dibella: able to eat Loki’s senior dry cat food, and an adventurer


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